A New Idea for Websites

The idea for Whirl Sites was hatched by two entrepreneurs who perceived a need in the market for a fast website solution for organizations of all types. There were only two choices, spend a lot on a custom site, or do-it-yourself with one of the many solutions available out there in that realm.

Neither of those solutions fit many businesses.

Businesses need a fast, low monthly cost solution with no up front expenses. Business owners don’t have time to do it themselves. They don’t have time to figure out how to host a website, setup email, connect their domain. What a hassle!

Pick your design, tell us about your business, we do the rest.

Brad Murray

Brad Murray has been developing custom websites for his clients for the past few years.  He is passionate about helping business owners utilize the web to grow their business.  In the end, the point of a website is to get you more customers, and help your current customers find out more about you.

He found that many business owners didn’t have the budget to spend $3k – $8k on a custom solution for their business. A DIY solution was then offered as an alternative, but most of his clients didn’t end up taking the time to make that happen.  Even when they did manage to get a site done on their own, it usually ended up looking unprofessional.

Brad was interested in finding a way to serve these clients too.  That’s where the idea for Whirl Sites was born.

Tommy Day

Tommy Day has been a freelance web developer since 2009 and has specialized in building easy-to update sites for clients around the country. Passionate about the WordPress platform, he has been developing custom websites for clients and is now developing Whirl Sites designs.


  • Non-Profit Monthly Pricing
  • One Day Setup
  • Custom Site Designs
  • Ten Email Addresses
  • Mobile Friendly

$449 Setup Fee


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  • Low Monthly Pricing
  • One Week Setup
  • Custom Site Designs
  • Ten Email Addresses
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Hosting, Security, and Updates

$499 Setup Fee


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  • All PROFESSIONAL Features
  • Ten Email Addresses
  • Secure Website (SSL)
  • Shopping Cart
  • Product Listings

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