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5 Ways Your Website Is Hurting Your Business

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_0009_iPhone-5c-BlueIt’s Not Mobile Responsive

Reports around the globe are crystal clear; nearly everyone on earth is going to have a smart phone in the next few years. Even third-world countries who have little other technology are jumping on board.

According to CNN, in February mobile traffic surpassed desktop device traffic for this first time in history. Now, more than 55% of all internet traffic is mobile. So what does that mean for your business if you are not onboard?

So what does mobile responsive mean? It means that a website “responds” to the size screen on which it is being rendered. When coded correctly, it means that all of your website information is formatted perfectly for whatever size screen is being used. As you know, from a small iPhone 3GS screen to a larger iPad, there are literally dozens of screen sizes. Mobile responsive makes your website render perfect for them all.

How Does That Hurt You?

If your website is not mobile-ready, less people are reading about your business, plain and simple. You are loosing customers because they load your site and can’t read the tiny text. People are very impatient with technology, and statistics prove that users move on when they can’t immediately find information they want.

Does your business have walk-in customers? This problem is compounded for you. People look up your website via mobile phone to find your address, call you, make reservations, and many other ways to get them through your door. You are losing customers at an alarming rate if your site is not mobile.


It’s Designed Unprofessionally

Never underestimate the power of a great design. I challenge you to find a smashingly successful business whose website design is dated or notably unprofessional. There are ways to get around this hurtle without busting the bank, but don’t discount it. Even if design is not important to you, it speaks to your customers.

How Does That Hurt You?

Think of it this way: Would you go to a client meeting without brushing your hair or dressing nicely? Then why would you allow your website, the first impression many people will have of your business, look unprofessional?



The Text and Content Is Unclear

Have you ever been on a website and thought, “what does this company even do?”. As a web professional, I can tell you that I see this every week. Business owners tend to want to write their own content to save some marketing dollars. This is often a huge mistake.

How Does That Hurt You?

When a website is unclear about what your company does, how can a client decide if they need your services? Even if you are able to clearly state what your company does, most fail to give a unique selling proposition. Why are you better than your competitors? Why should I choose you above everyone else? What really makes the difference? Getting your copy (text) right is crucial in turning website visitors into customers!

_0094_PhoneYour Contact Information Is Hard To Find

This one drives people crazy. They get on your website, have made the decision to take the next step with you, but they can’t find any way to contact you. Many websites only have a contact form with no other way to get in touch. Those are good, but what if they want to email you directly? What if they just want to pick up the phone and call?

How Does That Hurt You?

Hopefully I don’t really have to answer this for you. We as business owners already have enough barriers to our success, so this one is easy to overcome. Your website should list every way imaginable to get in touch with you, and it should be EASY to find. Your phone number should be on every page of your website in most cases. If your site does not clearly post your contact information, you are losing customers.

_0007_ChatNothing Is Happening!

This opportunity is overlooked by the vast majority of businesses, even some successful ones. However, there is no doubt in my mind that they are losing customers by neglecting it. Most websites are now built on a content management system that allows you to update your site regularly with recent and relevant information. Your website should not remain unchanged for the entire year, it looks like no one is home.

One easy way to address this problem is to bring your social media feeds into your website. People will see your recent posts and see that you are doing business. Another idea is to ask your clients for testimonials and regularly add new ones. These are great social media posts, and it shows that your business is active.

Last, adding a blog to your website is great tool to communicate regularly with your customers. It gives you an opportunity to show them that you are an expert in your field. Don’t get caught talking about yourself too much though, give them valuable information that helps them!

How Does That Hurt You?

I have seen clients who do this well, and it brings in new clients on a regular basis. Do you have to add content to your site regularly? No, but it’s a missed opportunity. Google ranks pages higher who have recent and relevant content, your customers see you are engaged, and it convinces customers to go with you over your competition. It’s worth it to spend time on your content regularly.

_0017_LightbulbOur Solution: Whirl Sites

There are many ways to correct the problems on your website. A great custom website developer will cost you thousands, but there are also DIY solutions out there that help you setup your own website virtually free.

For many businesses, I think both solutions are a bad fit. Custom solutions are great, but way too costly. DIY solutions take too much of your precious time, and often end up looking unprofessional anyway.

Whirl Sites is a new category between these two options. For $399, we setup your website for you, so you don’t waste time. We save you thousands in design fees delivering you a website that is ready for your content. We even provide professional photography that fits your business on every page.

Let us know if we can help you improve your web presence today!