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The Benefits of Email Marketing

If you are in charge of marketing for your small business, you know that there are many options available to you.  In fact, you may at times feel overwhelmed with your choices.  One simple option that is available to you is email marketing.  Here are some reasons that email marketing might be a good choice for you.

Simple to Use – Everyone Knows How to Use Email

Email marketing is a good option for small businesses because it is so easy.  Most people have an email account and have had this account for many years.  The platform itself is simple to use and in general people have a good understanding of how it works.  It doesn’t take special training or special knowledge.  Of course, if you are using a program like MailChimp, there will be a learning curve.  Yet these programs are generally pretty straightforward and easy to learn.  And of course, in order to get good results, the content of the emails should be relevant and the tactics well-thought-out.  But at least the basics will be familiar to employees who are tasked with this activity.

Easy to Reach – Most of Your Customers Have Email

The prevalence of email also makes it likely that many (if not all) your customers will have email.  Most people check emails at least daily.  Some are in almost constant oversight of email messages.  With so many customers and potential customers looking at email you are be confident that your marketing messages will reach its intended target with a high level of accuracy.

Inexpensive to Implement – Sending an Email is Free

Perhaps one of the most attractive features of email is its cost.  Sending an email costs you nothing, though this does not mean that you can run a successful email campaign for free.  You may need to invest in the content and design of your email marketing campaigns.  After all, you want to make sure that the contents of the email are interesting, clear, well-organized, and compelling. If you choose to use an email distribution platform, then there is usually a cost associated with that as well.  Using a distribution platform is often worth the expense due to the added capability they provide for you in delivering your emails as well as collecting data from them.

If you’re just dipping your toe in the marketing pool, then email marketing is a great way to get started.  And for businesses that are well established, email is another tool to take advantage of.  Every Whirl Site includes ten email addresses in our standard package with the option to add more if needed.  Call us or stop by our website for more information.  We are privileged to work with many great businesses in central Indiana, including the communities of Fishers, Avon, and Brownsburg.  We can help you too.  Give us a Whirl!