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The Advantages of Whirl Sites Managed WordPress Hosting

When business owners consider purchasing a Whirl Site, their focus is often on website creation.  This is understandable.  Many of Whirl Site’s advantages are concentrated in the design and function of these customizable websites. Yet creating brilliantly designed, smoothly functioning mobile responsive websites is just the beginning.  Whirl Sites also provides ongoing managed WordPress hosting to protect our websites.  But is Whirl Sites hosting at $49 per month worth it when hosting can be purchased at a much lower cost?  Absolutely and here’s why.


If you are tuned in to the online environment, you know that speed is important.  I’m talking about how quickly your website loads.  In the current environment, online visitors have little patience to wait for a website to load.  That means that if your site does not load quickly, a significant number of potential customers will simply give up on your website…and you!  So what does that have to do with hosting?  A lot actually.  Those cut-rate plans often ask you to sacrifice on speed.  With our hosting, your website will load quickly.  If you do have a problem with speed, we have hosting strategy experts who will figure out what the problem is and find a solution.

Software Updates

Technology is constantly changing these days, and that includes the software platforms upon which websites are built.  For this reason, you have to be vigilant about installing the latest updates and plugins as they become available.  Failure to do this can result in your website working ineffectively or not working at all.  When you have Whirl Sites managed hosting, we take care of this for you.  We regularly update your software and at the same time make sure your website is still functioning the way it is supposed to.  Cheaper hosting plans do not include this kind of service.  They leave this important task to you.


A final advantage you will enjoy with Whirl Sites hosting is better security.  We have measures in place to ensure that your site is protected against a hack.  Our proactive steps will greatly reduce your risk of being hacked.  In the unlikely event that your website is hacked, we will clean it up and fix any damage.  When you have your hosting with us, restoring your website from a hack is our responsibility – not yours.  If you have a bargain hosting plan, this burden usually falls entirely on you.  And it won’t be a bargain to hire someone to take care of your problem.  It could cost hundreds of dollars or more.

Yes, ongoing managed hosting with Whirl Sites is a bit more expensive than some other plans, but isn’t your peace of mind worth it?  We make it simple to launch your Whirl Site.  Similarly, we make it simple to keep your Whirl Site functioning smoothly and securely.  Our managed hosting of our Whirl Sites is making life simpler for businesses and organizations in central Indiana, including Indianapolis, Avon, and Fishers, and beyond.  So what are you waiting for?  Give us a call at 317-892-9435 to get started today!