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How Bad Source Code Can Affect Your Website

There is a lot to think about when you are creating or revamping a website.  What kind of a design will it have?  How will the navigation be structured?  What content will you add?  But unless you are doing the coding yourself, you probably won’t give a single thought to the source code of your website.  In fact, you may be wondering what source code is and why you should care.  In short, source code is the set of instructions, written in the appropriate computer language, that governs the look, actions, and interactions of your website.  While you may not understand much about source code and how it works, you should still care about your website’s source code because it can affect the function of your website.  Here are some effects that inaccurate source code can have on your website.

Missed SEO Opportunities

SEO is a big deal these days.  Having good SEO means that your website will be found by more potential customers searching for your types of products or services.  There are a lot of things that can be done to improve your SEO.  But often businesses miss one huge opportunity: failing to add information to a website’s back-end which specifies fields such as page title and a meta description.  This information does not show up on the pages of your website, but it can make a huge difference in your SEO rankings.

Downgrading from Search Engines

Beyond just missed opportunities, mistakes or omissions in source code can also adversely affect how search engines evaluate your website.  Sometimes the code on your website’s back-end can actually tell search engines not to find certain pages or not to index those pages.  These pages will have no chance of showing up in search results.  Having too much extraneous code or hiding SEO-rich content on the back-end can cause search engines to look unfavorably on those pages.  Bad code can cause you to lose any hope of winning the SEO game.

Nonworking Links

Source code affects more than just SEO.  Since the source code tells your website how to function, errors in it can cause malfunction.  Bad code can cause links within your website to stop working correctly.  When this occurs, visitors will not be able to navigate from page to page.  They may not be able to reach some pages at all.  Obviously, this can create frustration for your visitors.  Furthermore, if prospects cannot find information about your product or service, they probably are not going to buy it.

Slower Loading Pages

Another effect that inefficient code can have on your website is pages that load slowly.  When the source code is full of unnecessary code or code with bugs, it takes longer for a computer to read the code and display the page. While visitors may not be directly impeded from reaching pages by slow-loading pages, they may just give up while waiting.  The last thing you want to do is make your prospective customers wait and thereby cause them to look elsewhere.

Increased Likelihood of Being Hacked

Many small businesses fear a website hack.  And for good reason!  The mess that a hack creates can be difficult to clean up, and the damage can be immense.  But did you know that having clean code can provide protection against the insidious work of hackers?  Code that contains errors or extraneous lines can give hackers a way into your site.  Alternatively, code that is straightforward keeps the doors of your website locked.  Just as a home with securely locked doors will keep much (though not all) mischief outside, a well-coded website will prevent much destructive online hacking.

As you can see, bad code is not irrelevant.  While you don’t see it or even necessarily know what it is doing, it can have major effects on your website’s performance or security.  At Whirl Sites, we are proud of our clean, straightforward code.  We believe this is part of what makes our customizable websites a superior product.  It’s not just how good they look; it’s also how well they are built!  Working with small businesses in Carmel, Noblesville, Brownsburg, and throughout central Indiana and beyond, Whirl Sites provides quality customizable website with quality code.  If you’re ready to give us a whirl, visit our website or call us at 317-892-9435 to get started.

Don’t Get Hacked – Protect Your WordPress Website

Internet secure access concept backgroundThere is little that can evoke fear in the heart of a business owner like the thought of a hacked website.  Hackers can do immense damage to a website in a short amount of time, and once done, this damage is not easily fixed.  This is one area where an ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure.  At Whirl Sites, we understand just how serious the problems created by hackers can be.  We do not want our clients to have to fear a potential hack, and so we have built safeguards into our product.  Let me tell you more.

Create Strong Passwords.  One of the best ways to protect your website is to create strong passwords.  While the temptation is great to use your birthday, your child’s name, or even the ubiquitous ‘123456’, having easy-to-guess passwords is like putting out a welcome mat for hackers.  Whirl Sites will help you recognize bad passwords and replace them with strong ones that will keep your website safe and sound.

Keep Updates Current.  Another weakness that can be exploited by hackers is security software that has not been kept up to date.  It is so easy for this to happen.  You know how much you have to do, how long your to-do list is.  Installing updates on your website probably doesn’t even enter your mind as a good idea, let alone make it onto the long list of things you need to get done.  But just because you’re not thinking about it doesn’t mean it’s not important.  It actually is a very important part of protecting your website, and for that reason Whirl Sites doesn’t leave it up to you.  We take care of this vital task as part of your monthly maintenance.

Monitor Site Consistently.  It is clear that one reason hacking is so damaging is that often those being hacked are unaware that anything is happening until the damage is already done.  Whirl Sites provides protection to its sites by utilizing software that constantly monitors for suspicious activity and alerts Whirl Sites administrators to this activity.  We are then able to look into the situation and often to put a stop to it before any harm is done to the website, and more importantly to the reputation of the business or organization.

Deal with Assaults Immediately.  There is so much we can do to protect our Whirl Sites websites from hacking.  We understand the weaknesses that plague many websites and have processes in place to vigilantly guard against online attacks.  In fact, at the time of this posting, we have never had one of our websites successfully hacked.  However, we are not ignorant of the fact that all the good planning in the world will not prevent every attack.  If any of our sites would be hacked, we are prepared to apply all our resources and knowledge to getting things right as quickly as possible.  After all, it is our reputation that is on the line too, not just yours.

If you are interested in more information about Whirl Sites and the high-quality, affordable websites that we offer, visit our website.  You can also call us at 317-892-9435 with any questions you may have.