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It’s really incredible to see the change in what roll the internet has taken in all of our lives in 2015.  We really do rely on the web in so many ways that we didn’t even in the 1990’s.

Where do you get most of your news now?  If you need to know something, really anything that is going on, you likely go to the internet either through your computer, phone browser, or an app of some kind.  Seldom would you run for a newspaper or magazine, right?

This week’s WAY BACK WEDNESDAY features one of the most well known news organizations on the planet, Fox News.  No matter what your opinion of the network, noone can deny it’s power and influence on our daily news cycle.

Can you image if Fox News only had 4 headlines on their website homepage today?  Seriously 1996, that’s all you had for us?  Wow, have things changed.


Obviously, Fox News has moved forward on the web because consumers expect more from them.

Your customers expect more from you too.  Don’t you think it’s time to update your website to match expectations?  You can’t underestimate the power of your presence on the web.

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Apple_Whirl_SitesThere is nothing wrong with having a website that looks like the one Apple has here if it’s 1997, but unfornately for you, its not. In fact, this website was a pretty good one for 1997. The problem many businesses have is they still have a website from 5, 10, or even 15 years ago. Technology has changed, and the way people view the web has changed.

Mobile Responsive

Older websites didn’t have any way to take into account the incredible variety of screen sizes that we have to deal with today.  I am typing this on a monitor that is 1800 pixels wide, so we have to design our websites with those huge screens in mind.  Unfortunately, we also have design for someone, like my friend Dan, who still has their old iPhone 3GS from 2008.  The original iPhone was only 320 pixels wide!

We are able to account for both of these screen sizes with one set of code through something called mobile responsive design.  All elements on the site are sized based on either a percentage of the screen, or they change when the screen size crosses a threshhold.  For example, a banner image across the top might be set to have a width of 100%.  Then, as the screen size shrinks, it always fits from edge to edge.  When it comes to text size, we might set a heading font size to drop by half when a screen is below 680px in width.  It’s more complicated than that, but you get the picture.

Updated Design

Another important element to consider with the age of a site is design.  If you look at the Apple site from 1997, there are elements there that we simply don’t use anymore.  You don’t dress in bell bottoms anymore to go to a business meeting.  Your website shouldn’t look like its outdated either, noone will take you seriously.

Whirl Sites designs are all cutting edge technology.  And, once you are our client, you can be assured that your business can ALWAYS stay on the cutting edge.  We plan to release a new design every month as we keep our finger on the pulse of design trends.  If you see one of our new designs and want to switch, you can always do that!

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