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Cheap Standing Desk – DIY Solution For Work


Do you consider yourself a “hard worker”?

Most of us are certainly not lazy, but the nature of the modern business world in America has most of us sitting all day long, a far cry from what our grandparents consider “hard work”.  For the first time in human history, mankind is sitting for more of life than moving, and its one major cause of our obesity health crisis.  Think about it, did most of your grandparents sit at work all day?
Most of us can’t get away from our desk jobs, but we can make a cheap standing desk to improve our health.

A Solution: Cheap Standing Desk (Stand-up Desk)

Like many of you, my work here at Whirl Sites has me sitting most of the day.  In fact, I get really sore FROM SITTING!  My lower back regularly spasms and forces me to stretch out regularly.

I have a friend who posted on Facebook about his new standing desk (stand-up desk).  This fancy desk has the ability to easily raise and lower to either sit or stand and work.  As I talked with him about it, he told me that he was also able to concentrate better on his feet, and he just felt better overall.  It really got me thinking about my own health, but then things got busy and I forgot about it.

Taking Action Myself: Productivity Boost!

One day I went to a Starbucks to check my email and work for a couple hours.  As is so often the case, there were no available tables.  I reluctantly setup my laptop on a high bar they had setup on a wall and sat in a very uncomfortable stool.  I chose to us it as a standing desk (stand-up desk) instead and noticed over the next couple hours that I was extra productive and able to keep my attention on my task better!  I went home that day and used a box made from lumber out of my garage to boost my desk up temporarily.

It’s been 3 weeks of standing to work and I am telling you, I feel better, I accomplish more, and I am never going back!

Still need convincing? Find out how sitting in your career causes early death in this post by Michael Hyatt.

A DIY Cheap Standing Desk

cheap_standing_deskAfter seeing how expensive standing desks can be, I decided to try to duplicate that Starbucks bar that I loved so much.  I am keeping my sitting desk, but adding this to my office to have another option. My cheap standing desk was just $25!

Parts Needed:

  1. Four IKEA Shelf Brackets (or any bracket)
  2. Flat Closet Door (I got mine for $5 from Habitat’s ReStore)
  3. Screws and anchors (hit studs if possible)

Tools Needed:

  1. Screwdriver
  2. Drill for pilot holes in wall and door

I honestly think we will be selling more websites and setting them up faster because of the desk / bar in this picture.  Hopefully, I’ll live a few more years because of it too!

Brad Murray
Owner, Whirl Sites