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The Difference Between Mobile and Mobile Responsive Websites

mobile responsive websites“Mobile websites” and “mobile responsive websites” are the same, right? Wrong.  While there are some similarities between these, they are not the same.  Understanding the difference can help you make wise decisions about your website.

Mobile Websites

The world is definitely becoming more mobile all the time.  Mobile devices are growing in popularity and use.  Searches on mobile devices are on the rise.  Furthermore, the predictable future seems to be continuing in that direction.  For this reason, many businesses clearly recognize their need for a mobile option.  A mobile website is a completely separate website that operates in parallel to a traditional desktop version.  It is designed to look good and work well on a mobile device.  Businesses almost always maintain a traditional website for desktop users in addition to the mobile website.

Mobile Responsive Websites

Another alternative that businesses can choose is a mobile responsive website.  It sounds the same, but has some significant differences.  A mobile website is designed specifically to render well on a mobile device.  On the other hand, a mobile responsive website is designed to adjust itself to whatever device opens it.  While a mobile website works in tandem with a traditional website, a mobile responsive website is a single website that serves both mobile and desktop users.

Reasons to Choose a Mobile Website

With the huge market of searchers and buyers who are using mobile devices, mobile friendly sites are a virtual necessity.  In general, mobile websites are a less expensive and easier to design option.  Mobile responsive coding is typically more complicated in order to enable the website to adjust to different screen sizes.  It is not an easy undertaking and some businesses choose to maintain two websites in order to avoid the cost and complexity of a mobile responsive website.

Reasons to Choose a Mobile Responsive Website

Mobile responsive websites may be more difficult in the short term.  However, in the long term, they are often the best option.  First of all, a single website is simpler to maintain and update.  When you have two websites, the work is doubled.  Additionally, having two websites means that you have two domains and two URLs.  This can have a negative effect on organic search results for the two sites as well as links from other sources.  Because these websites are treated as distinct, your SEO and link-building efforts may be diluted or require duplication.

All Whirl Sites are mobile responsive websites.  These may not be right for everyone in every situation, but we believe that they are often the best choice.  If you are looking for a painless, affordable way to launch a website for your small business or organization, Whirl Sites might be the answer you’re seeking.  We offer businesses and nonprofits in the Indianapolis metro area, including Zionsville, Westfield, and Avon, (or anywhere with an internet connection) the opportunity to get their message out on an attractive, functioning website.  Call us at 317-892-9435, and we will have your Whirl Site ready to go in a matter of days.