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Facebook and Your Website Make a Great Marketing Team

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Chocolate cake is great – few people would argue with that.  Ice cream is a sweet treat – ask any kid on a summer day.  But together chocolate cake and ice cream are irresistible.  The combination of chocolately goodness and refreshing creaminess makes an unbeatable team.  Similarly (but with fewer calories), you can create a powerful marketing force by combining your Facebook page and website.

Using Facebook to Promote Your Website

Facebook is a smart way to promote your website and drive traffic to it.  Posting on Facebook gives you an opportunity to reach a broad audience.  You can take advantage of this reach by linking back to your blog or website.  Facebook also has the added benefit of enjoying preferred status on Google searches.  This means that your posts using strategic key words should show up closer to the top of the searches your potential customers are making.   With any luck (and interest-grabbing posts), those potential customers will then visit your website.

Using Your Website to Bolster Your Social Media Presence

But what if you don’t have a website?  There are some businesses who choose to operate without a website and count on a Facebook page alone to target customers.  However, choosing to limit your business in this way really puts you at a disadvantage.  Think about it – one avenue for getting found and reaching people is always inferior to two.  Additionally, when you only have a Facebook page and not a website, visitors will inevitably ask questions.  Is this a new business?  Is this business that small?  Is this business shady or unreliable?  These assumptions may be invalid but some prospects will still have them.  A website helps you to establish your credibility and give you a place to provide more detailed product information.

Maybe you are not getting the visits and leads you need from your Facebook page alone.  Or maybe you have a Facebook page and are getting some traction but would like to take your marketing to the next level.  Either way, Whirl Sites can provide you with a well-designed WordPress website that is customized to suit your tastes and your needs.  We’ll help you enhance your online presence whether you’re in local Brownsburg, Plainfield, and Zionsville or across the country.  Don’t miss out on the opportunities for using Facebook and a good website in tandem.  Get started now by calling us at 317-892-9435 or visiting us online.