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Low-cost Answer to “Mobilegeddon” – Google’s Mobile Requirement

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So you’ve heard that Google is changing their search requirements to heavily reward websites that are mobile responsive?  Many media outlets have labeled it “mobilegeddon” and promise doomsday results for small business who can’t afford this expensive solution, right?

Mobile Responsive doesn’t have to be expensive!

That’s right, it’s not just big business that can afford mobile responsive website design and avoid mobilegeddon.  Whirl Sites is one answer that gives small business owners an easy way to upgrade their website to a mobile responsive design.  Just $399 and your business can be on the same level as enterprize level organizations.  Don’t let this panic you, it takes us 2-4 days to get your website up and running typically.

What Does Mobile Responsive Mean?

Maybe we need to back up here and define terms.  All the fancy term “mobile responsive” means, is that we code your website to respond to the screen size it’s being used on.  Be that a phone, tablet, or huge monitor, it will look beautiful if it’s done right.  It also ensures that your text, photos, and navigation fit on the screen just right so that the user doesn’t have to zoom with their fingers on those smaller devices.  Google is doing this “mobilegeddon” because their users are mostly using tablets and phones, so it actually makes sense.

What Are You Waiting For? Don’t Get Hit By Mobilegeddon!

It’s not worth waiting to see how bad the damage will be for your business once Google gets things updated.  You don’t want to lose a single customer over this when it only costs you $399 to get it fixed.  Contact us today if you have questions, or just sign up here!