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What You Might Lose Without a Mobile Responsive Website

As a small business owner, you probably know that it is important to have a website.  But will just any website do?  Clearly, no one believes that the quality and substance of your website don’t matter.  One extremely important element of any website is its ability to be viewed on a multiplicity of electronic devices.  In other words, it’s important to have a mobile responsive website.  The disadvantages that come from having a website that is not mobile responsive have been well-documented (as in this article from Huffington Post).  Keep reading for a list of some that we feel are significant.

Teeny, Tiny Text

Some of us have near-perfect eyesight, and even the teeniest of tiny fonts don’t faze us.  But the text of a nonmobile responsive site as it appears on your smart phone can give even your 20/20 vision a challenge.  Obviously, this makes text hard to read.  If visitors can’t read your text, it doesn’t matter what awesome content you have.  Many visitors will not expend the effort needed to make tiny text more readable.  Some will just simply move on to a mobile responsive site that is more reader-friendly.

Slow Loading Site

Websites that are mobile responsive are designed to load quickly regardless of the device.  On the contrary, a website designed for desktop use will usually load more slowly on a mobile device.  Given how impatient we have become as a society, do you want to take the chance that your visitors will stick around for your slow loading site?

Inaccessible Information

The previous two disadvantages will necessarily make it harder for customers and prospects to find the information they are looking for.  In addition, the way pages are displayed on mobile devices may keep viewers from even knowing what information is available or how it can be accessed.  Some information may be completely unseen on certain devices.  Visitors who can’t find what they need won’t waste time playing hide-and-seek on your website.

Dysfunctional Forms or Tools

While giving information on your website is important, these days many small businesses are using their websites to do so much more.  Gathering valuable data is one important function that businesses rely on websites to perform.  However, if your website is not mobile responsive, your forms may not work on all devices.  Similarly, if you offer visitors the ability to buy on your website, this vital feature might not be usable on mobile devices.  How much data are you willing to lose out on?  Even more so, how many sales are you willing to give up?

Visitor Frustration

All these disadvantages add up to one thing – frustration.  Any one of these problems can cause a fair amount of frustration, but as multiple problems occur, visitors are sure to lose patience and give up on your website.  Prospective customers who become annoyed by your ineffective website will leave with a negative perception of your website…and worse yet, your company.

Online Invisibility

So far, we’ve been discussing problems that occur for visitors to a nonmobile responsive website.  Yet what if your website isn’t even findable to potential customers searching for products or services like yours?  Since websites that are not mobile responsive generally receive lower search rankings, these websites may be largely invisible to searchers.  It’s pointless to have a website if no one can find it.

With all the disadvantages, it really doesn’t make much sense to have a website that is not mobile responsive.  Yet the cost of purchasing a custom mobile responsive website can be significant.  Whirl Sites provides a cost-effective solution to this dilemma.  By utilizing our own templates that can be customized for each customer, we keep costs low while providing a product with high-quality performance.  Businesses and organizations in the Indianapolis area are already taking advantage of Whirl Sites.  Call us at 317.892.9435 or visit us online for answers to your questions.  We are ready to get started when you are!