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I Need a Website Fast!

I need a website and I need it right now!

Is that you? Are you searching Google for a fast website solution, but can’t seem to come up with the answer?

Option 1: DIY

There are really only two kinds of solutions to consider. You could try to create a website yourself with one of the many DIY tools. There really are some great tools that allow you to do this for a very reasonable cost. I will warn you though, it’s not as easy as it looks.

Most people either fail to complete the project on their own, or they end up with a website that looks unprofessional because of the failed use of colors, graphics, photos, and fonts.  People also fail with these offerings because they don’t really have the hours available to devote to such a project.  As easy as they make it looks, it WILL take you hours and days to get a great website up and working.  (If you get it working.)

If you go this route, I would recommend either SquareSpace or Wix.  These are robust services if you have the time to do your research and get this big project done yourself.

Option 2: Whirl Sites

Whirl Sites is a completely different way to create a website.  It combines the best elements of hiring a professional designer for your website and the DIY solutions.  How you ask?

First off, a good custom designer will typically cost you thousands, and its a very time consuming process.  You don’t need to spend that much money anymore, but you also don’t need to spend the time to do it yourself.  Whirl sites is just $399 and we literally do everything for you.  You give us your logo and basic information, and we will customize one of our top notch designs for your business.  You can either send us your content and we will put it in for you, or you can login to your new content management system and add your content yourself.  (Anyone can do this.)

The other thing that’s important with Whirl Sites is that you get the support of a custom designer.  We are here for you to help you accomplish your online goals.  Have questions?  We will help you get there.

Take a look at our designs… let us know if you have any questions before you get started.