Non-Profit Strategy

Nonprofit Whirl Sites Package

Our nonprofit website package has an extremely high value for your organization, but such a low monthly price.  This package includes hosting, domain, email, website, mobile package, professional design, donations interface, and much more to help you grow.  The return on investment could be incredible, but how do you cover the expense?

Our Strategy For You

After consulting with many experienced nonprofit leaders, we have seen a very simple, yet effective strategy that can easily help you raise the needed funds to make this happen.  This new website could change everything financially for your cause.  It could enable you to easily take donations online, communicate with your sponsors, and get the word out there about your goals.

If you have any experience at all with raising funds for your good cause, you know that the most difficult item to raise money for is the dreaded “general fund.”  However, it seems to be most organizations’ greatest need.  It costs a lot of money to keep things running.  

You simply need to create a “special need” for your website.  Communicate with your supporters about your need for a website. People will be excited to have the opportunity to be the one that pays for your website each month.  Ask for a donor to do that specific thing for you.  This gives that donor a tangible item that they can see.  It helps them see what a difference they are making for you.

Need some help crafting this message to your supporters?  Contact us. We can help.