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Understanding What Drives Website Traffic

website trafficWhen you create or evaluate your website, it’s easy to make it all about you.  What you like, what you want to say, what looks good to you.  And that’s fine because, after all, your website is a reflection of you.  But how much thought have you given to your potential website traffic?  As you make decisions about your website, it is helpful to think about why prospects may visit your site and what they are looking for.  Here are four reasons people may be visiting your site.

Information About Your Company

Sometimes people find their way to your website through an online search.  These visitors may have never heard of you before.  Think of your website as a way to introduce yourself to these visitors online.  Others may have heard of your business, but they want to know more.  In both cases, you would do well to think about what kind of information about your company will be the most helpful.  You also want to be sure that the organization of your site makes sense.   Make it easy for visitors to find pertinent information.

Information About Your Products or Services

Other visitors may not be interested in your business as an entity.  They may only care about the products or services that you provide.  You want to be sure that you provide relevant information.  Anticipate the questions prospective customers may have and then answer them.  Let them know how your products or services are superior to those of your competitors.  Be sure to focus on benefits that will appeal to visitors personally rather than features that you, as an industry expert, are impressed with.

Ways to Contact Your Business

Another subset of visitors will be familiar with your business and product but are interested in contacting you.  They may be current customers who have questions about a recent purchase.  Others may be considering a purchase but need additional information.  For these visitors, you want to make sure that your contact information is correct, easy to find, and presented in way that makes contact simple.

Special Deals You May Be Offering

Finally, other visitors will be customers that know how great your business is.  They are simply looking for a good deal that they can take advantage of.  Having a special offer gives shoppers a nudge to actually pull the trigger.  Can you offer a cost-savings as an extra enticement to buy?  Do you have a special package deal that you could promote?

Knowing what visitors are looking for is a good first step, whether you are creating a brand new website or improving your current one.   With that insight, you can construct an effective website.  If you’re ready to get started, Whirl Sites can help.  Our professionally designed templates utilize intuitive visuals to direct visitors to key information.  We also work with you to develop a simple, straightforward navigation structure to make information easy to find.  If you need it, we can even help you develop engaging content.  Whirl Sites has worked with businesses and organizations throughout the greater Indianapolis area from Avon to Zionsville as well as across the Midwest.  Visit our website to peruse our classy designs or call us at 317-892-9435 to find out more.