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The Simplicity of Whirl Sites, Easy to Use Websites

easy to use websitesFew things are as simple as we’d like them to be.  One small change can too often trigger an avalanche of complications.  Take, for example, a straightforward change to your service offerings or an addition to your product line.  This can have effects throughout your business.  Changes, even relatively small ones, can also necessitate changes to your website.  You don’t want customers or prospects dealing with old information so you need to make any required changes quickly.  Fortunately, Whirl Sites are easy to use websites, which make updates simple.

Quickly Add or Update Text, Pictures, and Even Video

Whether you need to change a word or totally overhaul your content, making changes and additions to your Whirl Site is easy.  All our Whirl Sites are built on the WordPress platform, which is popular for many reasons including its ease of use.  After logging into the editor, you can type your content or paste it in from another source.  You can also swap out pictures or change the size or other attributes of images as needed.  You can even upload videos to your Whirl Site.

Make Updates Yourself Without Special Programs or Knowledge

Having to depend on someone else to perform a task automatically makes that task more complicated.  With Whirl Sites, you don’t have to wait until an IT expert is available to make updates.  You can do it yourself.  Think you don’t have the skills to do it?  That’s nonsense!  If you know how to use Microsoft Word, you can update your Whirl Sites pages.  No coding knowledge or technical experience is required.  And you don’t need to have any special software either.  Everything you need is right there on your site.

Refresh Your Memory Any Time

As simple as the process is, it may not be easily retrievable from your memory.  We get it – you have a lot on your mind!  That’s why we created a series of voice-over webcast tutorials to show you step-by-step how to get it done.  We give you tips on what to do and even what to avoid.  These videos are available for your viewing at any time.  Our videos can also be passed on to others in your business who might work on your website.  The WordPress training videos that we provide eliminate the need for you to explain the process to others you delegate to do work on your site.

As a small business owner, you make the tough decisions.  You deal with the everyday irritation.  You solve the intractable problems.  There are enough difficulties that cannot be avoided so when you find a simple option, you jump on it.  Whirl Sites are easy to use websites that help you get your message out.  Business and organizations in the greater Indianapolis are already benefitting from Whirl Sites.  We’re providing simple, affordable website solutions for businesses and organizations in Avon, Brownsburg, and Fishers.  Keep it simple and give us a Whirl!  We can get your website up in a few days with little effort on your part.  Call today (317-892-9435) or visit us online.