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Website Advantages: Six Reasons Why Every Business Needs a Website

advantages of having a websiteLife happens online these days.  It’s where we work, where we shop, even where we connect with others.  Yet some small business owners still wonder if they really need a website.  This question hardly deserves an answer, but I’m going to answer it anyway.  In short, YES – you do need a website!  Need to be convinced? Keep reading for our explanation of 6 website advantages.

A Website Establishes You as a Professional.

While in the past, a website may have been an “extra” that set you apart from your competition, those days are over.  Now it is just expected that any reputable business will have a website.  Without a website, businesses can seem small, unprofessional, or unprepared to prospective customers.  A website lends credibility to a business and conveys the idea of stability, history, and competence.

A Website Creates Opportunities to Introduce Yourself.

What is an introduction worth to you?  Wouldn’t you love the opportunity to sit down with someone who is interested in buying your product and telling them all about why it is a superior option compared to your competitors?  Think of your website as a means to do just that.  Buyers who are considering a purchase can access all the information about your product that you choose to put on your website.

A Website Gives You a Chance to Show What You Can Do.

Even beyond the information you share about your company and your product, a website is also an opportunity to actually demonstrate your product with more expanded detail.  This can be done through pictures, detailed diagrams, case studies, and testimonials from satisfied customers.  In this way, a website might actually provide you with the ability to give more detailed data and specific examples than you would be able to communicate in an in-person meeting.

A Website Expands Your Ability to Make a Sale.

The effectiveness of a website to communicate with prospective customers is accentuated by its availability at all times and in all locations.  Whereas a sales employee can only be in one place at one time, your website is there whenever a would-be buyer has an impulse to buy or a question to be answered.  Additionally, your website makes you accessible to anyone around the globe.  Your reach is virtually unlimited in terms of time and place.

A Website Provides Tools for Cost-Effective Marketing.

Every marketing tactic has a cost associated with it and that cost must be weighed against the potential reach of your tactic.   When you send out a mailing, your potential audience is the mailing list.  When you place an advertisement in a magazine, your potential audience is the list of subscribers to the magazine.  When you have a website, your potential audience is anyone with an internet connection.  Since the cost to set up a website is relatively low and there is not much ongoing expense, a website is a highly cost-effective strategy.

A Website Helps You Serve and Stay Connected to Your Customers.

A website is not only beneficial in reaching prospective customers and making individual sales, but it also helps you to serve the customers you already have.  You can strengthen customer loyalty and satisfaction by providing relevant information that your customers need or want through blogging or other features on your website.  This will also keep you at the forefront of your customers’ minds.

If you still don’t have a website but realize that you really do need one, it’s time to talk with the professional designers at Whirl Sites.  We understand that this is both a necessary investment and a fantastic opportunity.  By providing you with a website that looks great and functions smoothly, we will help you maximize the benefits of a website.  Visit our website to learn more about us.