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Two Common “Reasons” Businesses Fail to Get or Update a Website

The evidence seems incontrovertible.  Having a website can benefit your business in a host of different ways.  It promotes your brand recognition, helps you get your message out to your target audience, makes your business more visible to prospective customers, and even provides a place for you to make online sales.  That’s just the beginning of what a business website can help you do.  Yet some small business owners still don’t have one.  Others have a website that is hopelessly outdated or barely functional.  Why?  Two reasons that are often cited are lack of time and lack of money.  But if you consider the cost-effective websites that Whirl Sites offer, these reasons really don’t hold water.  They are merely excuses!

“I Don’t Have the Time to Launch or Update a Website.”

Creating a website from initial design to final launch is not an easy task.  We get it!  That’s our business so we understand how hard it is to get everything just right.  However, we also know that you don’t have to do all the work yourself.  That was why we created Whirl Sites in the first place.  We wanted to give businesses an option that wouldn’t cost them a lot in time, effort, or money.  When you buy a Whirl Site, you can make the fun and easy decisions based on your tastes, and we’ll do the rest.  You pick a template that appeals to you, tell us what colors you’d like us to use, and give us pertinent information about your business.  We combine your preferences with our designs to create a website that looks great, functions efficiently, and reflects the character of your business or organization.

So you can see that it really takes very little time and effort on your part to launch a Whirl Site.  The one exception that does require some input from you is content.  Your website needs to tell visitors the story of who you are and what kinds of goods or services you provide.  Some businesses have already invested in creating clear content.  If this is the case, we are able to simply lift this content into your Whirl Site.  In the case of a website redesign, we can take content from your old website and add it to your new and improved Whirl Site.

If the necessary content does not exist, we have a team of writers who will write and optimize content for your Whirl Site at the cost of $150 per page.  Your investment of time in this process is limited.  We ask that you make yourself available for an interview (usually lasting around 1 hour or less).  From this interview, we will gather information from which we will write your content.  Again, your time investment in this process is minimal.

“I Don’t Have the Money to Launch or Update a Website.”

I know what you’re thinking.  If your business is going to have a website, it is going to be a good one.  You don’t want one that looks like everyone else’s.  I’m sure you don’t want one that looks unprofessional or adolescent.  And you absolutely do not want a website that doesn’t work right.  To get a website that is attractive, professional, and functional, you’re going to need to buy a pricey custom website, right? Wrong.  While a custom website is a great investment for some businesses, it is just an unnecessary expense for others.  Whirl Sites are a cost-effective alternative that allows you to get a website without lowering your standards.  Our templates are made to function smoothly and correctly and feature professional, eye-catching designs.

Much less expensive than a custom website, the cost of a Whirl Site is an amazing $499.  This makes a Whirl Site a very smart investment.  For a fraction of the cost of a custom website, you can increase visibility, upgrade your image, strengthen communication with customers and prospects, and broaden your target market.  Where else could you invest a mere $500 and receive so many benefits?  And remember that this one-time investment can reap benefits far into the future.  A website, unlike a paper marketing piece, can go on reaching prospects for years without re-printing or re-distribution.

I think we’ve shown that your “reasons” are really nothing more than excuses.  Furthermore, the ease and cost-effectiveness of launching a Whirl Site make your excuses seem pretty flimsy.  It’s time to quit making excuses and just give us a whirl.  We are helping small businesses and organizations across central Indiana, from Avon to Zionsville to experience the advantages of a well-designed, visually appealing website without incurring a major cost in either time or money.  We can do the same for you.  Give us a call at 317.892.9435 and we will get you started.