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Using a Landing Page to Accomplish Your Marketing Goals

landing pageHave you noticed that the world is full of chaos and noise?  Distraction is everywhere, and even important messages tend to get drown out by the clamor.  Connecting with prospects and customers requires businesses to think strategically.  Tools are available that can help you reach your customers, communicate with them, direct them, and gather information about them.  In fact, there is one that can help you with all these objectives. It’s called a landing page and here’s how you can use it for focused marketing efforts.

Focused Communication to Visitors

A landing page is a web page created around a specific offer or event.  You can funnel traffic to your landing page by presenting an attractive offer within a marketing campaign.  For example, you might offer free shipping or a free gift for visiting your landing page and following the directions. An effective landing page will clearly and concisely communicate what you want your visitors to do. For example, you might ask visitors to give you their email address or mailing address in order to receive what you’ve offered.  With a landing page that is well-thought-out, prospects get just the information that they need – nothing more and nothing less.  Presenting an easy-to-understand message, a clear offer, and simple instructions will increase the chances for success.

Valuable Information from Visitors

A landing page is an effective tool not only to communicate to customers but also to gather information from customers.  If your offer is valuable to visitors, they will willingly give you the information you are seeking in exchange.  This is a great way to capture data about interested customers, which is very valuable.  It gives you an opportunity to follow up further with people who are more likely to actually purchase your product or service.  In an environment filled with both relevant data and meaningless noise, a landing page connects you with quality customer data and creates sales opportunities with a higher likelihood of success.

So maybe a landing page is a great marketing tactic, but it must be difficult to put into place, right?  Well, no, actually they are usually fairly easy to create.  This is especially true if your website is built on the WordPress platform.  You can add or change pages, including landing pages, with ease and as often as needed.

We build our Whirl Sites websites on WordPress and thus provide you with the perfect backdrop for creating your own landing pages.  Landing pages can also be set up on a separate domain that then links to the main domain. So no matter what kind of existing website you have, we can build you a separate landing page linking back to your website.  Whirl Sites has experience providing customizable websites and landing pages to customers in the Indianapolis area as well as around the country.  Call us today at 317-892-9435 to get started!