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Ongoing WordPress Managed Hosting Service

WordPress managed hosting serviceBuilding a website is a project and while you’re in the midst of the creation phase, it requires some thought and attention.  Even if you are hiring someone else to build your website, you still have decisions to make.  First, you have to decide who you will hire.  This initial decision alone takes a bit of research and decision-making.  Then you’ll have decisions about how you want your website to look, how many pages you’ll have, what content you want to include on it, and how you will want the information to be organized.  But like all projects, the creation phase of your website will end and you will stop making decisions about your website and start enjoying the fruits of what you’ve created.

The Value of WordPress Managed Hosting

At this time, you will not be thinking critically about your website and how it’s working.  In fact, you will rarely think about it at all…unless you have a problem.  That is why it is important that you consider the future while you are making choices now.  Choices you make early in the process can have consequences after your website is up and running.  One of these choices is in who will be managing your website after launch. Of the many benefits of a Whirl Sites website, one is our ongoing WordPress managed hosting service.  That string of words may not mean much to you, but it boils down to two valuable services: software updates and security.

Keeping Your Website Software Up-To-Date

Most people rarely think about the software upon which a website is built.  Invisible behind the interesting images and engaging text is the code that enables the website to run correctly.  When everything is running smoothly, there is no need to think about the software.  However, periodic maintenance is required to ensure that your site will continue running smoothly.  Whirl Sites’ hosting service will perform this maintenance and keep all software and plug-ins current.  Since this occurs behind the scenes, you can go on NOT thinking about your website and how well it is functioning!

Keeping Your Website Secure

Another concern that you may occasionally give thought to is your website’s security.  Every small business owner fears a website hack and the damage it can do.  But just worrying and hoping it won’t happen is not a very good strategy for protecting yourself.  Fortunately, as part of our hosting services, Whirl Sites is working to keep you protected.  For starters, we help you with smart password selection.  In addition to helping you be proactive against online attacks, we keep your security software up-to-date and monitor for attempted attacks.  Finally, if something does happen to breach your security, we take care of cleaning up the mess.  Again, we want you to be able to NOT think about your website and just go on enjoying it!

Do you have more questions about Whirl Sites and the ongoing WordPress managed hosting service we provide for all our websites?  We would love to discuss in more detail the comprehensive service that we provide.  We would love to talk to you about why it makes sense for small businesses who don’t have dedicated IT resources.  We would love to explain how we can make our websites and our hosting service so affordable.  Whirl Sites is based in Brownsburg, Indiana, but most of our business is done online or by phone so we are able to serve you wherever your business is located.  Whether you are in Carmel, Noblesville, Avon, Indianapolis, or Timbuktu, Whirl Sites is ready to partner with you.  Call today at 317-892-9435 to find out more or to get started.  Give us a Whirl!