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Is a WordPress Website Right for You?

WordPress websitesIt is no accident that Whirl Sites websites are all built using the WordPress platform.  When we began designing the templates that our customizable websites are based on, we chose to use WordPress as the content management system for our sites.  We believe that WordPress is the perfect platform for nearly every website.  But nothing works 100% of the time, right?  Well, actually there are some types of people for whom a WordPress site is not a good fit.  Check out the top 4 below.

  1. People Who Prefer ‘Complicated and Time-Consuming’ over ‘Simple and Easy’. There are a few strange people who like things to be difficult, but most of us like to keep it simple and easy.  That is exactly what WordPress does.  You can add or change content to your website by simply typing it in.  No knowledge of coding is needed.  If you can use Word, then you should be able to use WordPress.
  2. People Who Like Being Out of Control and at the Mercy of Others. Even if you are not a control freak, I doubt that you really want to relinquish control of any part of your business, including your website.  When you have a website that is built on WordPress, you don’t have to.  Since no technical knowledge is required to modify your content, you never have to wait on an outside vendor who is far less motivated to keep your website up-to-date than you are.  You can be in full control of your website and not dependent on others.
  3. People Whose Goal is Limited Choices and Diminished Growth. WordPress is extremely popular, especially for websites that include blogging, and is used by millions of people worldwide.   Thus, an enormous number of plug-ins have been developed and are available to add on to a WordPress site.  These plug-ins put a wide variety of functionality at your fingertips.  Want to monitor your traffic? No problem.  Want to boost SEO? Sure thing. With each additional feature comes an additional opportunity to grow your business.
  4. People Who Want to Keep Their Online Presence as Small as Possible. Nearly every business today is looking for ways to increase search rankings.  Just having a site that is built on WordPress gives you an advantage in this area.  Because WordPress code is so clean, search engines look upon their sites favorably.  This advantage can be increased even more when the blogging feature is utilized.

If you do not fall into any of the 4 categories above (and let’s face it, who does?), then a WordPress website is probably ideal for you.  Whirl Sites gives you a simple and cost-efficient way to get a WordPress website working for you.  Visit our website or give us a call (317-892-9435) to learn more about how easy it is to get started.